A Very Brady Renovation

[Current:}: @VeryBradyRenovation Behind the scenes web series documenting the renovation of the iconic Brady House.


An original web series produced for HGTV which highlights the relationship building between the original Brady Bunch cast members and their HGTV star-renovator counterparts, as they work together to renovate “The Brady Bunch” houses interior, to match the famous television set from 50 years ago.

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Kicking Off the Brady Reno (EP01)

HGTV stars meet the stars of The Brady Bunch to tour the iconic house.

Mike Tackles Demo (EP02)

Mike Lookinland, aka Bobby Brady, attacks demolition with a sledgehammer.

Demolition Inside and Out (EP03)

Maureen McCormick and Christopher Knight help with demo inside and out.

Try Not to Fall Off the Roof (EP04)

Susan helps Mina and Karen as they start demolition on the roof.

A Very Brady Renovation (EP05)

Drew and Jonathan Scott take over the Very Brady Renovation Instagram feed.